Custom Harley Electric Stand

MRI electric center stands are designed for all FL baggers 2001 to present. These stands bolt on in minutes and use a linear actuator to raise and lower the legs electronically. an air ride system must be used to lower the bike/stand to the ground. The two legs provide a very sturdy base and allow the bike to site upright while it is parked. the stands come powder coated black but could be chromed or painted to match your bikes color.

All MRI center stands have been redesigned to make fitment for all customers a breeze. No more measuring is needed!!! We now offer two different size leg kits:

Kit #1

Fully adjustable, that features two different sized legs and 8 total 1/4th" spacers. All spacers are cnc made of polycarbonate material aka bullet proof glass. This kit can be adjusted from 2.25" - 4.5". This kit will fit all bides with a 26" wheel and under. If your bike is taller than 4.5" kits are are available but only through special order.

Kit #2 The second kit is the 1" - 2 " kit made for all bikes with 30" wheels or bikes with a 26" wheel that are meant to sit on frame or very close to.

The two kits are available in three different models of fitment:

A. 2006 and earlier
B. 2007 and 2008
C. 2009 and later - NOTE: Doesn't work with cross under exhaust. Models with Legend Air to be relocated if it is mounted under the bike.

We have units available to ship. Please feel free to contact us through e-mail or phone to place your order. Thank you for your interest in our products

Retail price - All years with Kit #1 $730.00

Retail price - All years with Kit #2 $710.00


Custom Harley Electric Center Stand

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Custom Harley Electric Stand
Custom made only by MRI

Custom Harley Electric Center Stand
Custom Harley Electric Center Stand

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